2M Energy Saving Technologies

Groundbreaking technologies providing sustainable solutions focussed on urgent environmental objectives.

Innovative designs reducing consumption of electrical power, enhancing operational efficiencies, reducing energy losses, and optimising production output.

Proven technological solutions achieving real time energy savings and reduced carbon emissions.

Advanced engineering technologies:

  • Moderating compressor performance, saving energy generating compressed air.
  • Recovering valuable heat energy and reusable water from gas airstreams that otherwise exhaust as total loss.

Act now! Save energy to meet CO2 reduction targets.

General debate regarding UK Net-Zero objectives highlights that major development in alternatives to fossil-based fuel for broad scale industry will involve considerably prolonged time scales.

Debate also raises questions and differing opinions regarding the potential of the complex fuel options to deliver meaningful CO2 reduction.

A key factor to consider in equations is the high energy required to produce alternative fuel options. How will this impact on GHG reduction calculations?

Shorter term CO2 reduction initiatives can include natural energy options (Solar/Wind/Water) and localised power generation such as CHP technologies (initially natural gas).

For all new localised energy initiatives, it is important to identify the scope for onsite energy efficiency improvements “before finalising requirement specifications and design details for new energy” and implement a programme of practical change to reduce the site demand for power.

All sustainable reductions in site energy demand subsequent to establishing a site-based energy generation regime is likely to lead to an excess in power output requiring a localised accumulation process and eventual export to a network such as the National Grid. This is potentially a waste of capital expenditure and could incur excess discharge penalties.

The clear conclusion is the importance of implementing energy efficiency initiatives as a first critical phase in the progression towards Net-Zero.

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A new innovative technology optimising asset management of high energy compressed air operations.

AirSmart moderates erratic, high-volume factory demands on multiple compressor operations, eliminating over-pressure energy waste, optimising compressor efficiencies, guaranteeing instant and continuous supplies of high-quality compressed air at optimum and sustainable pressure.

“TMCAquaTM captures up to 80% of clean water and heat energy from hot and wet airstreams of process operations and exhaust systems.”