2M give Young People a helping hand into STEM careers, to strengthen our industry

Overcoming the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills shortage is vital to the health and survival of our industry. As a business with over 150 years’ history, we care about the long term.

2M Holdings therefore pursued a four-pronged approach in 2015 across our sites to ensure young people at each stage of early adulthood through to working age, have access to a career in Science and are inspired to join our industry.

engineer helping hand

Chairman and CEO Mottie Kessler started his own career with a degree in Chemical Engineering and a supported work placement in industry. It’s an opportunity he wants others to have.

In 2015, we helped the following school pupils, apprentices, university students and graduates gain access to our industry through museum presentation and participation, work experience, year in industry placements and ultimately, job offers: