2M Group Limited acquires the Packed Chlorine Business from Ineos Chlorvinyls

2M Group Limited has today announced the acquisition of the packed chlorine business from INEOS ChlorVinyls.

The acquisition consists of the packed chlorine assets at INEOS ChlorVinyls’ Runcorn site, Cheshire, together with the associated commercial goodwill of the business.


The business will operate under the newly created legal entity – Packed Chlorine Limited.

2M Group operates a portfolio of specialist chemical brands – Banner Chemicals and Surfachem groups and can trace their history back as far as 1860. The group also owns the specialised service companies MP Storage and Blending Limited and SampleRite Limited. 2M Group focuses on the supply of value-added chemical products and services to sectors as diverse as personal care and hygiene, coatings, oilfield, precision cleaning, refineries and automotive.

More recently the Group agreed exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights for the TRIKLONE™ (Trichloroethylene) and PERKLONE™ (Perchloroethylene) branded business of Ineos Chlorvinyls. Click here for more information

The Group has offices in Leeds and Runcorn and operates from owned sites in Leeds, Teeside and Liverpool. Additionally the Group has subsidiary operations in China, Benelux and Poland.

The packed chlorine business is a good strategic fit with the existing core businesses, and 2M Group has the necessary expertise to maximise the performance of this business.


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