2M Group Owners Support Catalyst Museum’s STEM Education Initiatives

Dr Maggie Kessler OBE, Mottie Kessler OBE, and Liran Maller of the 2M Group of Companies, recently visited the Catalyst Museum, UK. They were invited to visit after 2M sponsored two elements on the museum’s interactive periodic table, as well as covering travel costs for two groups of young learners.

Situated in Widnes, the Catalyst Museum is a hub for scientific exploration and education. Known for its hands-on exhibits and informative displays, the interactive periodic table is the newest addition to the museum’s collection.

Dr Maggie Kessler and Mottie Kessler with the interactive periodic table

The 2M Group of Companies sponsored two elements, Magnesium and Molybdenum, emphasising their significance in various industries. This sponsorship promotes scientific knowledge and encourages future generations to explore the potential of these materials.

Dr Maggie Kessler with Magnesium
Mottie Kessler with Molybdenum

In addition to the element sponsorship, the Kesslers covered travel costs for two groups of children to visit the museum, providing them with a hands-on scientific learning experience.

Maggie and Mottie Kessler’s support enhances the Catalyst Museum’s educational offerings and emphasises the collaboration between the corporate sector and educational institutions.

Commitment to STEM Education

The 2M Group of Companies has a long-term commitment to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education.

Our aim is to promote the awareness of STEM and give young people a thorough understanding of what it is like to work within a STEM industry, and the endless opportunities within it.

Dr Diana Leitch MBE and Dr Maggie Kessler OBE
The Magnesium display
The Molybdenum display
Dr Maggie Kessler, Liran Maller and Mottie Kessler