2M Helps the Chemical Industry prepare for Brexit

2M’s Gal Maller, Group Head of Strategy & Corporate Development (including M&A) and Commercial Director of Banner Chemicals, has been helping companies in the Chemical Industry future-proof their businesses.

Whatever type of Brexit occurs, the company says it will be well equipped to maintain its supply portfolio; based on growing experience of global import and exports, its financial resource and warehousing capacity.

As part of its Brexit contingency planning, 2M established a Tailored Action Plan (TAP), headed by Gal as its Brexit champion at Board level and includes Brexit Suppliers Champion, Brexit Customers Champion and Brexit Employees Champion.

“It starts and ends with your own people ensuring that we support our suppliers, customers and ourselves in successfully navigating Brexit” said Gal.

Speaking at Chemicals Northwest’s Brexit Discussion Groupon 21st November 2018, Gal advised companies to “Plan, Act Selectively and not wait”, focusing on forward planning and establishing turnkey solutions to for a soft and hard Brexit scenarios.

2M have also recently launched Brexit ARCs (Advisory Roundtable of Customers) to support its customers as part of its ever-evolving Value-Add approach. 2M also launched https://www.2m-holdings.com/brexit/, in an effort to support and inform chemical companies in the Industry and to encourage cross Industry collaboration.