2M Holdings company awarded with Gaselle 2019

Surfachem Nordic, a 2M Holdings company, has been awarded with the Gaselle certification 2019.

Gaselle 2019

Sponsored by Grant Thornton, Azets and Bisnode, the Gaselle listing criteria includes factors such as year on year revenue growth, increased size and turnover, and the maintenance of positive operating profit.

We are proud to share that Surfachem Nordic has fulfilled the above criteria, and therefore has been listed as ‘Gasellebedrift 2019’.

In light of this success, we would like to thank all of our team, customers and partners for making this possible.

About 2M

Founded in 2004, 2M Holdings (www.2m-holdings.com), is a portfolio of strong brand life science based companies, supplying chemicals and application knowhow worldwide. Surfachem Nordic has been part of the 2M Holdings group since 2014.