2M Holdings Limited Joins Omni-Chem136, LLC

In February 2014 2M Holdings Ltd., a leading chemical distributor and a wholly owned private company, joined Omni-Chem136, LLC. Omni-Chem136 is the world’s largest alliance of regional independent chemical distributors with 17 member companies, more than 135 facilities and $2.8B of combined sales alliance.

“The addition of 2M Holdings to our alliance is another significant step forward in our strategy to build a global chemical distribution alliance,” says Fred A. Buehler, Managing Director Omni-Chem136. “2M Holdings is a world class distribution company with operations that adhere to the highest standards of responsible distribution. We are delighted to have 2M Holdings as part of our alliance and are excited about the continued global expansion of Omni-Chem136”.


“Our membership in Omni-Chem136 represents an excellent opportunity for our company to grow our network of relationships throughout the global chemical distribution industry,” says Mottie Kessler, Chairman & CEO 2M Holdings. “The Omni-Chem136 alliance includes leading chemical distribution companies around the world and we are honored to be a part of such a prestigious group of companies”.

2M Holdings Ltd., is headquartered in Runcorn, UK and has six distribution facilities located in the UK, Belgium, Poland, Norway and China that distribute products into 60 countries around the world. 2M Holdings operates a unique business model of focused chemical distribution and related services through five branded companies: Banner Chemicals Ltd., Surfachem Ltd., Packed Chlorine Ltd., SampleRite Ltd and MP Storage and Blending Ltd.

2M Holdings Ltd. was ranked worldwide no. 74 in the ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors for 2013 and awarded recognition for international sales growth in 2012 by HSBC.

Banner Chemicals (www.bannerchemicals.com) distributes a wide range of commodity and specialty chemicals including AdBlue Solutions, Aerospace approved products, oil field and petrochemical products, oxygenated solvents & intermediates, water treatment chemicals, pigment dispersion, development & formulation products, precision cleaning solutions and surface coatings.

Surfachem (www.surfachem.com) distributes a wide range of products for the personal care, homecare, industrial, institutional and pharmaceuticals industries. Products include: emulsifiers, rheology modifiers, skin-care and hair-care actives, botanicals, chelates, pharmaceutical excipients and ready formulated car-care and home-care solutions.

SampleRite (www.samplerite.com) provides sample management and marketing services supporting clients worldwide through two distribution facilities in the UK and China.

MP Storage and Blending provides confidential blending, packing and storage services.

Since 2009 the manufacture of TRIKLONE (Trichloroethylene) and PERKLONE (Perchloroethylene) has been made exclusively by 2M Holdings. In August 2013, Packed Chlorine (industrial gas) was acquired and added to 2M Holdings portfolio.

For more information on 2M Holdings visit www.2m-holdings.com or contact Mottie Kessler. For more information on Omni-Chem136, LLC visit www.omni-chem.com or Susan Chaplin