2M House Host Bring Your Child to Work Day 2024 

2M House recently hosted Bring Your Child to Work Day 2024! 

Led by Dr Maggie Kessler OBE, Co-Owner & Banner Chemical’s Export Director, we welcomed young scientists and children of Banner Chemical’s staff to our head office in Runcorn for the day. 

This year’s timetable included fun and engaging activities delivered by staff from across the 2M Group of Companies. 

Bring Your Child to Work Day is a big part of the 2M STEM outreach initiative, which aims to foster interest and spark curiosity, potentially influencing their future educational and career choices. It provides children with first-hand experience and allows them to see the practical applications of STEM concepts in a fun, relatable environment. 

Additionally, it can help break gender stereotypes and encourage diversity in STEM by exposing children to a variety of roles within the scientific workplace.   

Our award-winning programme aims to make a career in Chemistry accessible to young people through demonstrations, careers talks and work placements. 

2M is also proud to have hosted the Mayor of Halton Cllr Val Hill and Consort Cllr Stan Hill, we thank them both for their time and generosity.