Adam Parks
Commercial Director, 2M Manufacturing
M: +44 7710 106465


Acquired by the 2M Group of Companies in 2020, the 2M Manufacturing site broadens the activities of the group to include the production of betaines within the 4.1 acres facility situated in the heart of the Kingston Industrial Estate in Milton Keynes.

The Group has distributed products manufactured at the Milton Keynes site for over 20 years supplying customers within the personal care and cleaning sectors across the UK & Ireland which are used in everyday products from car wash to cosmetics, surface cleaners to shampoos.

Our Betaines Surfactant

Our Surfac range of betaines are amphoteric surfactants that contain both negative and positive charges within the same molecule. They are high foaming, fully biodegradable and mild to the skin making them ideal products for use in many cleaning applications.

The products currently made at our facility utilise a High Purity Grade of MCA that contains low DCAA content. As this is a carcinogen, there are obviously benefits in low levels of this within personal care grade products and any that come into contact with the skin which are made with betaine as a key raw material. Our process achieves these low levels of DCAA without unnecessary heating of the betaine and so the final product is light in colour.

Our Facility

Aside from the betaine manufacturing facility, 2MK house is equipped with a significant bulk tank storage facility as well as warehousing space that extends our distribution network to service our customers in the Midlands and the South of England.

2M Group of Companies are committed to combining high quality products with market leading distribution equipped with full technical support to ensure our customers the best possible service.


The 2M Manufacturing site is certified to ISO 9001/14001 and is certified to EFfCI GMP for Cosmetic Ingredients.

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If you would like to know more about the 2M Manufacturing site, please contact Adam Parks – (Commercial Director, 2M Manufacturing).