2M Supports Local Primary Schools in Latest STEM Project

In 2020, the 2M Group of Companies added Sustainability to its values.

Since then, we’ve aligned our STEM efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. One of our core focus areas within this UN framework includes providing quality education (Goal 4), whilst promoting gender equality (Goal 5) as we strive to educate everyone, no matter what gender, about the Chemical industry.


Despite the challenges of the pandemic, last year, the 2M Group of Companies partnered with the Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC), with the aim of promoting STEM throughout primary schools.

Together, we strive to improve the quality of science education, enthuse school children and their teachers about science and enable schools and industry to work as one.

Our Involvement | STEM Ambassadors

With the support of CIEC, we have partnered with 20 schools across the UK in 2021. We despatched science kits to these schools to enable teachers to host enticing experiments and demonstrations, both virtually and in the classroom. Each kit has supported the education of up to 30 children per class.

Within the 2M Group, 23 members of our team have been involved in this latest STEM initiative. All of our STEM ambassadors have received training from the CIEC and have successfully delivered virtual lessons in collaboration with science teachers. From making soap bars, to conducting experiments to measure different levels of foam, we are delighted to have been able to share the importance of our industry and what we do, whilst also highlighting the fun side!

Going Forward

In the future, we hope to expand on this STEM education initiative by partnering with more schools through the UK. We look forward to thinking outside of the box to create a fun science curriculum, whilst also promoting good quality education and gender equality within the Chemical industry.