“Bio-based solvent solutions for the print industry“

We are on a mission to help lead change in the print industry on its journey to net-zero by offering a range of sustainable alternatives to existing solvent technologies.

Conventional fossil-based chemicals and solvents have been around for many years but we believe making simple changes to bio-derived, sustainable, alternatives can have a significant impact on carbon emissions without compromising print quality or finish.

By leveraging the 2M Group’s extensive supplier network and footprint we are able to offer an exciting range of bio-based solvent alternatives to conventional printing and cleaning solvents that can be customized to your needs.

We have an exclusive range of exciting chemistries and technologies available to us and a broad knowledge of cleaning formulations.
Our range offers bio-based press cleaning solutions that are suitable for most major print processes including offset, gravure, flexographic and letterpress.

Talk to the team we are here to help lead the transition to a greener print industry!