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2M Group Supports Children’s Wellbeing

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2M Group has supported frontline workers, including nurses and teachers, by using our in-house expertise to manufacture and donate alcohol hand sanitiser. 

As lockdown is eased, we want to encourage a national effort to put children’s health at the forefront of what industries do.  Before lockdown, we wanted to bring children into our sites, to learn about STEM. Now we want to help them get outside! 

Many children have been at home, unable to properly exercise or see friends for almost four months. Now, as children’s activities and sports clubs are trying to reopen in the face of budgetary challenges, we will help children get back into sport, safely.  

Our hand sanitiser is especially kind to hands. At the height of the pandemic, the overwhelming feedback from nurses was that 2M’s hand sanitiser “was the first product that has been gentle on our hands.” This makes it the perfect product for little hands. Our staff, who have themselves received hand sanitiser parcels home during the pandemic, have also commented on its kindness to hands. So much so, that they have been using it on their children’s hands. Our first donations of hand sanitiser will go to the sports clubs which our teams’ children attend.  

Children’s Wellbeing & STEM 

At 2M we have an established commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education.  

STEM Program Highlights: 

  • In February, the 2M House opened its doors to 33 children to support their science education 
  • We regularly sponsor the Bradford Science Festival 
  • There are 15 STEM ambassadors within the 2M Group 

Whilst we intended to maintain a focus on STEM education, we have also recognised that the wellbeing of children is critically important.  

Supporting Local Sports Clubs 

We hope that this new initiative will enable sports clubs to open and thrive, and that children will remain safe and healthy when engaging with sports activities. 

2M House – Bring your kids to work day
Bradford Science Festival 2019 – we encouraged children to get creative and design logos – later displayed at SCS Formulate 2019

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

2M stand together with our colleagues, customers and suppliers against racism and discrimination in any form and at any time. Diversity and inclusion must always be at the heart of every civilised society and we strongly reject prejudice and racial abuse.

As a chemical company, we understand how science provides a universal platform for collaboration and inclusion.

The 2M Group maintains deep rooted values – the core values instilled within our team focus on: ‘Equality’, ‘Trust & Respect’ and ‘Treating People Fairly’. These values aren’t simply limited to our people. 

We must build ‘our voice’ as an industry and ensure diversity and inclusion in everything that we do. Only then will we, as a global community, be able to create a space of equal freedom for all, whereby imagination and innovation can truly flourish.

As a Group, we are committed to addressing issues surrounding diversity and inclusivity and we encourage others in the industry to do the same.

BASF and 2M Group donate sanitiser in the North East of England

Working with partner 2M Group, BASF in the UK has donated 5 tonnes of hand sanitizer for use in schools, care homes, local councils and the NHS in the North East of England.

The sanitizing product will help meet the increased demands needed to safely combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When we learned of the supply shortage of disinfectant, we wanted to help,” said Scott Robinson, from BASF plc.“I‘m really proud of the team work and cross company collaboration that has made this possible.“

“Chemistry is our DNA and we are delighted to work with BASF is using our expertise to help the UK’s amazing front line staff stay safe” said Mottie Kessler MBE, Chairman & CEO of 2M Group.

BASF is temporarily producing hand sanitizer at several of its facilities across Europe and is continuing to try and support in the current situation.

“The UK is home to 12 BASF sites with more than 800 employees, so we are pleased our hand sanitizer will help the front-line workers fighting COVID-19 in our communities, commented UK & Ireland Managing Director Richard Carter.”

“Like many businesses, we are doing what we can,” said Richard, “In the past weeks, BASF in the UK has also donated other key supplies such as disinfectants, hand soap, PPE and 3Dprinting materials.”

About BASF

At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. More than 117,000 employees in the BASF Group work on contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our portfolio is organized into six segments: Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care and Agricultural Solutions. BASF generated sales of €59 billion in 2019. BASF shares are traded on the stock exchange in Frankfurt (BAS) and as American Depositary Receipts (BASFY) in the U.S. Further information at

About 2M

The 2M Group of Companies ( is a portfolio of strong brand life & material science-based companies, headquartered in the UK and with an international presence in Benelux, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland and Scandinavia. 2M began manufacturing hand sanitiser in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and have donated the product to many front line teams across the UK.


Scott Robinson from BASF hands over 50 litres sanitizer to Gavin Storey, headmaster of Cullercoats Primary School near Whitley Bay.

Members of the BASF team which repacked sanitizer for distribution in the North East.

2M taps expertise for demand boost – 84th Biggest Chemical Distributor in the world

The 2M Group are delighted to have accelerated in the ranking by the Independent Commodity Intelligent Services’ (ICIS) Top 100 Chemical Distributors list for 2020. 

The annual ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors list (in association with the FECC) features the world’s top chemical distributors, ranked by global and regional sales.  

2M has advanced its position from last year, to now be ranked 84th globally. The Group are proud to have also achieved higher ranking in all global regions.  

  • 44th in Europe (up from 51st last year) 
  • 52nd in Asia Pacific (up from 57th last year) 
  • 56th in Middle East (up from 60th last year) 
  • 49th in Latin America (up from 53rd last year). 

Demand Boost – Disinfection and Sanitation 

“We are extremely proud to have ranked higher across all regions in which we operate, as this aligns with our strategy of increasing our international presence. The coronavirus crisis has emphasised the critical nature of what we do, and to be recognised by the ICIS as a major global contributor within chemical distribution is a great achievement for all of our team,” said Mottie Kessler, Chairman and CEO of 2M Holdings. 

In addition to this achievement, 2M’s exceptional cross-group leveraging of technical and blending expertise has allowed the Group to boost production of sanitation and disinfection products during the Covid-19 crisis. 

About 2M Group 

The 2M Group is a portfolio of strong brand life & material science-based companies, supplying chemicals and application knowhow worldwide for a multitude of industries including Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Water Utility. 

The 2M Group includes CE-02, Banner Chemicals, Ingretech, MP Storage & Blending, Packed Chlorine, SampleRite, Stowlin & Surfachem. 

Entrepreneur founded in 2004, the Group is privately owned. 2M is led by Mottie Kessler MBE, the present Chairman and CEO and Dr Maggie Kessler, International Trade Director. 

Headquartered in the UK, the company has international presence in Benelux, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland and Scandinavia. 2M export to over 90 countries. 

2M was recently listed on The Sunday Times’ Top Track 250 league, which ranks Britain’s private mid-market growth companies with the biggest sales. 

2M was also crowned with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade 2019, as well as Export Champion 2019, by the Department for International Trade’s Northern Powerhouse. 

As a company, 2M believe in the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education for young people. 2M actively invest in skills creation within our local communities and in creating access to careers in STEM in the UK and beyond. 

2M Group wins CBA Community Interaction Award

The Chemical Business Association (CBA) has chosen the 2M Group of Companies as its Community Interaction Award winner this year.

The Community Interaction Award acknowledges major contributions to the community and is presented by the CBA to one of its members annually. This year the 2M Group has been recognised by the CBA for its commitment towards education and career development within Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM).

As a business, with 165 years of history amongst our subsidiaries and a fast-growing team, 2M are passionate about increasing young people’s access to STEM education and careers. We believe this is not only the right thing to do for our community, but also for our Chemical Industry Community. We need to all support the supply chain and ensure STEM skills are at its heart.

The 2M Group were previously recognised by the CBA for Community Interaction when our 2M STEM programme was introduced in 2016. Over the last 4 years, the passion and dedication of our staff has resulted in rapid expansion of the 2M STEM Programme.

Today, our programme is regularly providing STEM insight and education to hundreds of people, of all ages and backgrounds. Alongside this we have increased the number of full-time paid jobs, ‘Year in Industry’ placements and fully paid Apprenticeships, allowing people to embark on STEM careers. Helping Returners, women who had to leave the industry during maternity leave, to re-establish themselves within the chemicals sector has also been a core focus.

We also created a dedicated 2M STEM Centre at our head office, which was opened by HRH the Duke of Gloucester in April 2019.

“We are honoured to be recognised by the CBA for Community Interaction. Science education is a passion of mine and I am thrilled with how the 2M team has integrated a STEM ethos into our everyday culture. We look forward to further developing our programme in future years, and to helping more people enter the chemicals industry.”

Mottie Kessler MBE, Chairman of the 2M Group

2M Group’s STEM Highlights from 2019…

About 2M Group

The 2M Holdings Group of Companies, is a portfolio of strong brand life & material science-based companies, supplying chemicals and application knowhow worldwide for a multitude of industries including Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Water Utility.

The 2M Group includes CE-02, Banner Chemicals, Ingretech, MP Storage & Blending, Packed Chlorine, SampleRite, Stowlin & Surfachem.

Entrepreneur founded in 2004, the Group is privately owned. 2M is led by Mottie Kessler MBE, the present Chairman and CEO and Dr Maggie Kessler, International Trade Director.

Headquartered in the UK, the company has international presence in Benelux, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland and Scandinavia. 2M export to over 90 countries.

2M was recently listed on The Sunday Times’ Top Track 250 league, which ranks Britain’s private mid-market growth companies with the biggest sales.

2M was also crowned with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade 2019, as well as Export Champion 2019, by the Department for International Trade’s Northern Powerhouse.

As a company, 2M believe in the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education for young people. 2M actively invest in skills creation within our local communities and in creating access to careers in STEM in the UK and beyond.

2M Letter to Business partners, suppliers and customers

To our Business Community,

In these unparalleled and difficult times, we appreciate, more than ever, the bonds of our personal and business community and the contact from each other, in whatever form it takes. We are united in our worries but also in our hopes for the light at the end of the tunnel, which we know is there. Science saves lives and I know that together, we are making a real difference.

I hope that you, your family members, friends and colleagues are keeping safe and healthy during these challenging days and that you can take comfort from those around you. 

Many in our business community have been impacted by Covid-19 and our thoughts are with those of you who have lost loved ones or are worrying about friends and family. Feelings are mixed: Some are grateful for their health, some are worried about their businesses.  In our own 2M community, we have relatives who are working on the front lines: doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers; Our operational teams go onto our sites every day to continue making essential products such as disinfectants for the NHS. We hold them all in our hearts and thoughts daily, with equal measures of gratitude and concern.

2M Group’s teams have been working hard to ensure that we can continue to support your businesses through these uncertain times. It is of critical importance we continue to supply the water utility companies to ensure safe drinking water. It is also vital we continue to provide key ingredients to many producers, making products essential for everyday life.  I am grateful for the dedication and good planning of our teams in all our companies. It means we continue to be available to support your business needs with products, technical advice and blending.

Furthermore, I am proud that through the innovation and fast thinking of valued teams, we were able to produce sanitising hand gel and donate thousands of bottles to the NHS, schools, hospices and pharmacies. We always spoke about being a purpose driven organisation and this is an opportunity to demonstrate it. 

It seems that only a few months ago, we were preparing for the possible disruption that could be caused by Brexit. We had developed contingencies and expanded outside the UK. With presence across Europe, China and Brazil and with our Export team, we can service our customers and suppliers anywhere. We invested and continue to invest in our digital capabilities. This enables  all our non-operational staff to work from home and be in touch with you via virtual meetings.

While we maintain social distancing measures mandated by governments, we are increasing our virtual face to face interactions, making greater use of our digital capabilities in video calls and webinars. This is how we can keep the information and products flowing to you and update you on new opportunities. Our team will continue to contact you and make sure that the distance between us is only physical and that we stay socially connected.

The crisis highlights the importance of innovation, capabilities, business partnerships and of having a resilient and reliable supply chain.

We look forward to receiving your feedback, questions and support that will enable us to continue to use chemistry for a better life and to save lives. Together we will come out of the crisis stronger and even more united than before.

You can see our most up to date news on our LinkedIn page and on our website:  

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Mottie Kessler MBE

Chairman and CEO



Supporting our frontline services

In these uncertain and unprecedented times, it’s difficult to predict what the future will look like. Despite this uncertainty the 2M Group, are supporting our communities by using our expertise to help save lives – #sciencesaveslives

As a portfolio of Life Sciences companies, the 2M Group has seen a huge spike in demand as a consequence of the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic. Disinfectants and sanitisation products such as hand sanitisers and surface cleansers, have proved essential at this time. 

Hand sanitiser 

A huge thank you to our frontline services for keeping the UK going at this time. We’d also like to thank our 2M team for making this initiative possible. 



With access to up-stream supply chain, we took the initiative to use our in-house expertise to make our own alcohol hand sanitiser. To make this possible, we used Surfachem’s technical laboratory in Huddersfield and MP Storage and Blending, our blending facility in Middlesborough. 

Over the last few weeks, despite stress and uncertainty, our team have done an amazing job. Our aim is to manufacture and fill over 20,000 bottles of hand sanitiser for donation. 

Development and production 

Prior to the outbreak, we are fortunate to have already developed, and stability tested a simple, but effective alcohol hand sanitiser. However, since then, producing the sheer quantity in such a short time frame has been a complete team effort. All of our teams from across the group have supported this initiative – from ingredient sourcing, to technical compliance and logistic teams. 

So far, we have helped… 

In producing this sanitiser, we have been able to protect our internal team, and provide invaluable donations to those that need it the most. Here’s a handful of the institutions that we’ve helped so far, recommended by our team across the 2M Group. 

  • A&E nurses who are working in Coronavirus wards – University Hospital of Derby and Burton NHS Trust, Samuel Johnson Community Hospital, Warrington & Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Countess of Chester Hospital 
  • Pharmacies – Poppleton Pharmacy 
  • The many amazing childrens’ social workers – Manchester Children’s Services 
  • Teachers who are still working to look after the children of key workers – Elsecar Holy Trinity Primary School, Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School 
  • Care homes and facilities which provide end of life care – Kirkwood Hospice, Astley Grange Nursing Home 
  • Foodbanks, giving emergency food and support – Jubilee Food Bank MH, Macro Based Diner 

Science Saves Lives – An Open Letter From Our Chairman & CEO Mottie Kessler MBE

Why we’re helping nurses, doctors and frontline staff to keep their hands clean 

Whether you are working from home, working on the frontlines, homeschooling, isolating, or working on one of the key sites to keep the UK going, we are all in this together. 

We watch the news like never before, though on some days we don’t watch at all because it can feel overwhelming. We hold our loved ones in our thoughts like never before, we feel our community keenly. 

Many of us are tired, many of us are worried, many of us have sore hands and sore fingers from the continuous washing and sanitising.  

At 2M, we were running the usual innovation brainstorm a few weeks before this started and someone in the Surfachem labs started looking at hand sanitiser. As we’re in the field of personal care, we looked at a “kind” hand sanitiser that is 60% alcohol but also moisturising. “Good idea” we thought, and filed it away. Until this, until now.  

We started witnessing the queues in pharmacies for hand sanitiser and the frantic worry in our communities and we thought – surely…we can help? To be clear, this is not something that we have manufactured before, but our fantastic teams ran towards the challenge and ran at it hard and fast.  

We turned around our blending facilities, used to blending very different products. We trained a team, used to working on different products. Our Formulation & Technical Development Manager made 200 mile round trips to Middlesbrough, to watch the huge blending stations be cleaned to personal care grade hygiene standards. We didn’t just do it fast, we did it well. Really well.  

I was impressed. But more was to come: As soon as it was done, our UK & Ireland Sales Manager said: “Can we give it away to those who really need it?” Our salespeople are targeted on sales numbers, but this was his first question.  

My answer: “Yes. We can and we must.” 

So, we are donating 3000 bottles of hand sanitiser from our first production run and the more ethanol we are able to access, the more we will donate.   

First, we gave to our staff, because they are our family. Then, we gave to our staff’s communities, because they too need our support and protection. We received a number of requests, requests that stunned me. 

  • From A&E nurses who are working in Coronavirus wards;
  • From pharmacists working alone, all day, to keep their local pharmacy open; 
  • From the many amazing Childrens’ social workers, working in Manchester, UK, to look after vulnerable children who are no longer being looked after at school every day; 
  • From 25 teachers who are still working, looking after the children of key workers; 
  • From a facility which provides end of life care.

The list is endless and we are trying to meet all requests.  

I am writing this letter because I hope many more UK businesses will continue to support each other.  

To my team: Thank you.  

To the NHS workers, working tirelessly across the UK, we salute you. Thank you for all that you do. We will do all that we can do to help you, in this small way.  

With deep appreciation,  

Mottie Kessler MBE 

2M Group – Coronavirus Statement

At the 2M Group, we are continuously monitoring the global updates on Coronavirus (COVID 19) and will abide by all recommendations from the UK’s Department of Health; the World Health Organisation and the CDC.

The safety of our communities, colleagues, customers and suppliers is of paramount importance for us so until further notice, we will restrict travel and gatherings including conferences and large meetings. Meetings will be replaced by video calls and phone calls.

During this time, we will strive to make this time of uncertainty productive for our company and any company working in partnership with us. We want to assure you that our products will continue to have a robust supply chain without interruption. The majority of our supply base is within the EU and North America and is so far unaffected.

This is a difficult time for all and we appreciate your continued support. We anticipate that this virus will continue to spread in the coming weeks and months, and our priority is the health and safety of all concerned.

The 2M Group of companies have implemented several actions and controls in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the World Health Organisation’s declaration of a Public Health emergency of international concern.

To protect our colleagues and visitors we are;

  • Asking employees not to travel to affected zones and to limit international travel to strictly necessary. All travel is being approved by senior management and employees are instructed to self – isolate for 14 days if returning from an affected region or in contact with someone who is affected.
  • Asking employees and colleagues to respect the “no handshake” recommendations made by health organisations.
  • Issuing special visitor requirements respectfully asking them to read and confirm that they have not visited any of the risk identified countries and have not been in contact with anyone who has contracted the Coronavirus (COVID-19) during the previous 14 days.

To mitigate supply chain disruption, we are;

  • Seeking reassurances of supply chain from all major supply partners.
  • Undertaking regular reviews of stock and supply chains to be able to identify alternative origins and supply sources as soon as it evident there may be some disruption.
  • Suggesting that customers make longer term commitments on key products to assist with stock replenishment decisions to limit the possibility of shortages.
  • Offering a diverse ingredient portfolio, derived from a variety of feedstocks.
  • Sourcing ingredients from hundreds of suppliers, with multiple sources or multiple manufacturing sites available for many of our products.
  • Working with key alliances, such as Omni-chem 136, the world’s largest network of independent chemical distributors, to leverage combined assets and ultimately, provide responsive supply chain support and quality assurance.

The 2M Group has international purchase and supply agreements with global organisations and believe it is well placed to source products from international markets where supplies are not currently affected by the Coronavirus.

SampleRite Ltd and Enorica GmbH announce Chemical Services cooperation

Industry leading sample management experts SampleRite (UK and China), part of 2M Services, owned by 2M Holdings (see and Enorica (Germany) will partner in a new service provision.

This service provision will enable both companies to combine their strengths and act as the principal point of contact for chemical manufacturers and distributors across the UK, Europe and China.

Amongst an extensive portfolio of services, the new cooperation will focus on providing sample management, stock handling, refilling and storage of dangerous and non-dangerous goods in a safe and legally compliant manner.

With over 30 years of sample management expertise, SampleRite and Enorica look forward to this cooperation and the enhanced capabilities it will generate for their customers.

For further information: | | +44 (0) 1422 327369 | | +49 (0) 40 / 52 95 94-0

About SampleRite

SampleRite offer a wide range of sampling services, from sample preparation and distribution, through to extensive sample analysis and bespoke marketing initiatives.

SampleRite’s highly customised approach and dedicated team focuses on delivering value added benefits at every stage of the sampling process. As an ISO registered company, we ensure our customers receive the best service and support. With locations in the UK and China, SampleRite can offer a Global Sample Management Service from its single site operation, delivering to clients’ customers in any part of the world, within a matter of days.

SampleRite have an extensive client portfolio within the Chemical Industry.

About Enorica

Enorica was founded in 1999 as a highly specialised service provider for the chemical industry. Enorica started the business by managing sample orders for well-known companies, including shipments both in and outside of Europe. Today, we also offer stock handling and warehousing at different temperature levels, cooling areas, storage of dangerous goods and an extensive portfolio of other services. We are able to refill raw materials according to the specific needs of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. Special packages and sizes, ranging from 40 grams to 1 metric ton, are fixtures of our daily business, and our people are well trained to fulfil all the requirements of the various industries we serve. We are ISO 9001:2015, Kosher and Halal certified.

Customers benefit from a high level of time and cost savings and can focus exclusively on their core business. In the area of Marketing and Sales, Enorica support the launch of customers’ products by manufacturing and shipping promotional material on time. Enorica assist in planning and implementing web shop strategies and relieve the strain when it comes to implementing promotional activities.