AirSmart – Air │ Water │ Earth

A new innovative technology optimising asset management of high energy compressed air operations.

AirSmart moderates erratic, high-volume factory demands on multiple compressor operations, eliminating over-pressure energy waste, optimising compressor efficiencies, guaranteeing instant and continuous supplies of high-quality compressed air at optimum and sustainable pressure.

  • Achieve up to 40% savings in compressor energy expenditure and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Optimise Peak Shaving, generate air overnight for daytime working.
  • High volume backup storage of compressed air assures operation and control for safety.
  • Civil engineered, subterranean design means high safety without loss of usable space.

How it works?

Airsmart – Key features

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Available from 2M Holdings in the UK


AirSmart – Is a product created, designed and produced by AugWind Limited – Better Future is in the Air