2M Supports Local Primary Schools in Latest STEM Project

In 2020, the 2M Group of Companies added Sustainability to its values.

Since then, we’ve aligned our STEM efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. One of our core focus areas within this UN framework includes providing quality education (Goal 4), whilst promoting gender equality (Goal 5) as we strive to educate everyone, no matter what gender, about the Chemical industry.

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2M Delivers Chemistry-Based Solutions for a Better World – Top 100 Global Chemical Distributor

The 2M Group of Companies have been ranked within the top 100 Global Chemical Distributors, compiled by the Independent Commodity Intelligence Services’ (ICIS) for the 12th consecutive year. The Group has ranked 56th in Europe, reflecting its increasing pan-European reach.

The annual ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors list (in association with the FECC) features the world’s leading chemical distributors, ranked by global and regional sales.

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Keeping our culture during a global pandemic

How the 2M Group of Companies embraced change to keep its team engaged

*This article was originally published in Elements Magazine (Spring 2021)

With a portfolio of Material & Life Science companies, the 2M Group of Companiies, which includes Banner Chemicals and Surfachem, is committed to delivering chemistry-based solutions for a healthier life today and a better world tomorrow.

This ethos has never resonated with us more than last year. Up against a pandemic forcing drastic changes to the way we work; we faced the challenges by successfully adapting our business & culture.

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Science Explained – Surfactants

Why are certain ingredients used over others? How can we enhance our formulations? Our ‘Science Explained’ series aims to explain the science behind commonly used ingredients, highlighting their properties and suitable application areas.

Surfachem, a 2M Group company, is an international surfactant and speciality chemical distributor, offering an extensive ingredient portfolio, technical expertise and global capabilities. One of Surfachem’s main ingredient technologies is surfactants, hence the company name. Surfactants are widely used across a across a range of industries including Personal Care and Cosmetics, and Household, Industrial and Institutional Care.

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Personal Care Trends | 2021

Personal Care & Cosmetics is a dynamic and emotive market that is firmly driven by consumers. Surfachem’s personal care experts have been scanning the market to identify and share the most influential Personal Care trends for 2021 and beyond. Here’s a summary of our findings.

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2M Group Wins Chemicals Northwest Operational Excellence Award 2021 and Manufacturing Company of the Year

Chemicals Northwest has chosen the 2M Group of Companies as its Operational Excellence winner 2021 and Manufacturing Company of the Year.

When the pandemic struck, the 2M Group of Companies wanted to help frontline workers and our local communities. From idea to manufacture in 10 days, we started to make hand sanitiser, anchoring expertise from across many teams and sites across the 2M family.

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