MBE for Mottie Kessler, Chairman and CEO of 2M Group, in the Queen’s New Years’ Honours List, for Services to Industry and Exporting in the North West of England

We are delighted to announce that Mottie Kessler, Chairman and CEO of 2M Group, has received an MBE in recognition of his Services to Industry and Exporting in the North West of England.

The award is given for Mottie’s services to the Chemical Industry in the UK, including significant job creation and export promotion in the North of England and exporting to over 90 countries. Mottie has also been recognised for his support in helping young people access a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.)

Mottie, who founded the 2M Group 12 years ago said:

I am proud and humbled to receive this award. I feel it represents recognition of the importance of Chemical businesses in the UK and the Chemical Industry as a whole.

Our success is based on our partnership with our loyal suppliers, customers and dedicated teams. Our export growth has been strongly supported by DIT, formerly UKTI.

12 years ago we took a leap of faith, investing heavily in the North of England, providing building blocks, services and knowhow essential for improving everyday life.

We decided to keep pushing, despite the odds, to grow and nurture our Chemical businesses and to support the Industry in the UK.  I believe that the Chemical industry can offer growth, better life and sustainability in the UK. Coupling chemistry and entrepreneurship is key to the UK’s success.

I want to thank our Export Director, who is also my wife and my business partner, Dr Maggie Kessler as without her, this journey would not have been possible.

About the 2M Group and Mottie’s business journey:

Twelve years ago Mottie founded the 2M Group which became a portfolio of branded Chemical Distribution and related Service Companies.
The Group includes:
•    Distribution companies including: Banner Chemicals (est. 1860), Surfachem, Packed Chlorine and Stowlin.
•    Service companies including: MP Storage and Blending, SampleRite and Prism Chemicals.
•    International subsidiaries in China, Brazil & Benelux, Poland and Norway.

The 2M Group supports UK producers and customers via its best-in-class product selection, technical knowhow and stewardship, and specialty services. The Group provides products which help keep our drinking water free from bacteria, green technology for reducing diesel emissions, create beauty products and essential pharmaceutical products and help UK producers in their marketing efforts by managing their commercial samples, among many other services.

When Mottie established the 2M Group, it only sold within the UK and had 80 employees. The Group now exports to over 90 countries and has over 250 employees.

Mottie started his own career with an industrial work placement and has made it his mission to provide young people in the UK with similar opportunities: the 2M Group has devoted great resources and energies to helping young people across the North access a career in STEM and in 2016 reached over 550 young people by providing work placements, jobs, careers guidance and ‘get into Science’ days.

Mottie has also been recognised in multiple business awards including:
•    Director of the Year, Mid-Market Enterprise
•    UK IoD for Global Director of the Year, 2015
•    EY Entrepreneur for Manufacturing, UK North, 2014

For the official list please see page 68 in the following link:


For press contact, please contact Liran Maller at lmaller@2m-holdings.com


2M Holdings Ltd: Modern Slavery Policy Statement – October 2016

Modern slavery is a crime resulting in an abhorrent abuse of the human rights of vulnerable workers. It can take various forms, such as slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking.

The 2M Group has a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and is committed to acting ethically and with integrity and transparency in all of its business dealings and relationships. 2M Group companies are implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking are not taking place anywhere within either its own business or in any of its supply chains, consistent with its obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

2M expects the same high standards from all of its staff, suppliers, contractors and other business partners and expects that their suppliers will in turn apply the same standards along their supply chains.

Action Taken/To be Taken

As a group purchasing speciality chemical products from a number of countries around the world, transparency from the manufacturers of these products and subsequent supply chains is vital in our fight against Modern Slavery. It is within these supply chains that there may be a risk of slavery and human trafficking.

2M accepts that it has a responsibility through its own due diligence processes to ensure that employees are not being exploited, are not subjected to poor labour practices, that they are safe and that relevant employment, health and safety and human rights laws and standards are being adhered to, including freedom of movement and communications.

As part of our initiative to identify and mitigate risk the 2M Group is currently undertaking a review of its procedures to ensure there is no slavery or trafficking in its supply chain and its own business and will ensure that it has in place, employment contracts which make specific reference to the prohibition of Modern Slavery , appropriate and relevant company policies including a Health and Safety and Social Accountability Policy and guidelines to demonstrate its commitment to safe, lawful and ethical standards with its own employees.

2M will ensure that questionnaires are sent to supply chains to ascertain what ethical trading practices are in place. This is to be further developed to include a statement specifically requesting a commitment to anti-slavery and human trafficking.

Where a 2M Group company uses a 3rd party employment agency for overseas employees, they shall ensure employment is not subject to modern slavery and all health and safety and human rights laws and standards are being adhered to.

As we are committed to ensuring the group’s compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 the effect of our procedures will be monitored by way of audit where it is warranted.

Responsibility for the Policy

The 2M Group Compliance Director, David Dalton, will have overall responsibility for ensuring that this policy complies with the Group’s legal and ethical obligations.

Purchasing Departments are responsible for monitoring supply chain compliance with ethical, anti-slavery and human trafficking policies. The Purchasing Director and company senior management are responsible for investigating allegations of modern slavery within the Company’s supply chain.

Training and communication

As part of 2M’s commitment to ensure compliance with their obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 the 2M Modern Slavery Policy will be circulated to all staff. Training will also be conducted so that staff are aware of how to identify exploitation and modern slavery and how to report suspected cases.

2M’s zero tolerance approach to modern slavery will also be communicated to all suppliers, contractors and other business partners when entering into new or renewed contracts with them.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our group’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the current financial year.

Mottie Kessler

Mottie Kessler speaks to The Economist on optimism after Brexit, working through uncertainty and why Britain should embrace the Manufacturing and Chemical Sector

On November 8th  2016, Mottie Kessler, 2M’s Chairman and CEO was invited to be part of The Economists’ Panel on Exporting the UK middle market to the European Union and beyond.

Mottie Kessler, Chairman and CEO of 2M Holdings at The Economist Panel

Mottie Kessler, Chairman and CEO of 2M Holdings at The Economist Panel

The Economist wanted Mottie’s views on how trade would be affected by Brexit. Below is a summary of the interview:

  • How well is your business equipped to deal with uncertainty?

MK: Brexit created uncertainty. However, uncertainty is not new to our business and many others. For example, prior to Brexit over a period of 20 years, the £/$ exchange rate fluctuated from 1:2 to 1: 1.5 and inflation fluctuated even more. When I started my business 12 years ago, interest rates were a different ball game altogether to where we are now.

Being involved in supplying the building blocks essential to everyday life, which are linked to global manufacturing and in many cases impacted by crude oil prices, we are used to uncertainty and fluctuations.

What’s different here is that there are ‘emotional’ feelings attached to Brexit, but from a business position, we remain as flexible as ever – that hasn’t changed.

  • How do you mitigate what still remains ‘unknown’?

MK: The mitigation strategy is nothing new to common practice and common sense in good business practice: Qualified and motivated people, good systems, flexibility, innovation, and a clear understanding of where and how to create added value to customers. Uncertainty and cycles in business are more ‘natural’ than certainty.

  • Is there a difference between the impact on the Chemical Industry and other sectors?

MK: To a degree, one can claim that the Credit Crunch was triggered by complex sub-prime lending models that created no added value, but only extra costs of extra hands in the supply chain which produced no real products. Maybe it’s a healthy awakening for Britain to revive manufacturing.

The first member of our group companies (Samuel Banner & Co) was established in Britain over 150 years ago and we plan to be here for at least 150 years more, that’s why we’ll continue to invest in skills and sites. The demand for our products will continue for as long as people need to keep drinking clean water, showering, taking medication and doing just about everything else required to keep living a healthy and happy life.

L-R: Callum Williams, Britain Economics Correspondent at The Economist; Graham Cartledge, CBE, Chairman, Benoy; Mottie Kessler, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, 2M Holdings; Rami Ranger, CBE, Chairman, SunMark

L-R: Callum Williams, Britain Economics Correspondent at The Economist; Graham Cartledge, CBE, Chairman, Benoy; Mottie Kessler, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, 2M Holdings; Rami Ranger, CBE, Chairman, SunMark

2M’s Subsidiary, Surfachem, win International Business of the year 2016

On the 29th of September 2M’s subsidiary, Surfachem were crowned ‘International Business of the year’ by the Yorkshire Asian Business Association’s (YABA). International Business of the year acknowledges the strategy behind expanding into new international markets, sales achieved, new product development, and an innovative approaches to international sales. The award was presented in recognition of Surfachem’s continued development with Asian based suppliers and customers, a goal that is mirrored throughout 2M Holdings.

“On behalf of the Surfachem team I was very proud and honoured to accept this award” said Dr Richard Smith, Managing Director of Surfachem.

The International Business Award was awarded to Surfachem on September 29th 2016

The International Business Award was awarded to Surfachem on September 29th 2016

About Surfachem

Surfachem, a 2M Holdings Ltd Company, are a chemical distributor working in partnership with market-leading manufacturers including Shell, Stepan, Evonik, Lubrizol, PQ Silicas, Gulbrandsen and Givaudan.

They offer an extensive portfolio of speciality chemicals over a broad range of market sectors that includes Personal Care, Home Care, Industrial & Institutional and Pharmaceuticals.

Surfachem have a growing international presence with customers in over 65 countries and teams in the UK, Brazil, Poland, Nordics and Benelux. Surfachem provide exceptional technical formulation & application knowledge and logistic expertise to deliver chemistry for a better life.

2M STEM Graduate nominated for Industry Award

As part of the 2M STEM Outreach programme, Surfachem’s 2M Subsidiary has been supporting Science students and graduates to gain access to a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

We are delighted that one of 2M’s Science graduates, Joseph Gregson, working in the Surfachem subsidiary, has been short-listed for a Yorkshire Chemical Focus (YCF) “Graduate of the Year” Award 2016.

Joseph is a recent Biology graduate and started working for Surfachem in late 2015 via the Santander Internship Scheme where he worked in our International Sales department as a Technical Data Administrator.

While working at 2M he has had the chance to learn about the different areas of our business, which allowed him to progress into an internal sales position as well as gain experience within our Technical department.

Joseph’s progression has showed how invaluable internships can be in gaining vital experience in the chemical industry and the wide range of careers on offer.

The winner will be announced at the YCF People Awards Ceremony later in the month and we wish Joseph the very best of Luck!!


Joseph, a 2M STEM graduate who has been nominated for the YCF award

2M Supports STEM for young people’s employment, with EY

2M’s subsidiary, Surfachem, hosted six school students in our laboratory at the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre in Huddersfield. The students were all participants on the EY Foundation Smart Futures programme.

Smart Futures gives young people access to a great experience of work. It is a ten month programme offering paid work experience during Easter or summer, giving students a variety of transferable skills to give them a head start in their career, helping them get a job after school or go onto higher education or college.

As well as two weeks of training and one week work experience, students have the chance to visit different businesses to get real insight into different work environments and career opportunities.

Surfachem was delighted to be part of this great initiative, offering an open day to enable the Smart Futures students to learn more about the company and the industry as a whole, what careers are available, and fundamentally how chemicals play a part in our everyday lives. The day included presentations from key members of staff who discussed their route into the industry and their role within the business.

The students also took part in a practical activity which included making their very own shower gel as well as looking at the different textures of products that are tested in the lab, all in which they could take home at the end of the day.

The visit was a great success for all involved and an inspiring day for both students and employees!

Surfachem staff with students in Surfachem’s Innovation Centre after an employment talk

Surfachem staff with students in Surfachem’s Innovation Centre after an employment talk

Students from the EY Foundation formulating their own shower gel in the Surfachem Innovation Lab

Students from the EY Foundation formulating their own shower gel in the Surfachem Innovation Lab

2M wins award for helping young people access STEM careers

2M is proud to be presented with the ‘Highly Commended’ award by the Chemical Business Association for the ‘Community Interaction Awards’ at the 2016 Annual Ceremony.

The commendation was given for our efforts to help young people access Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers.


CBA’s award given to 2M at the 2016 ceremony

Mottie Kessler, Chairman and CEO of 2M Holdings said:

‘I am delighted that we have been able to help so many young people learn about and access our industry. I started my own Science career thanks to an industry Work and Study programme and I know that such opportunities can literally change a young person’s life.

‘As a company with over 150 years’ history and based in the UK, it is both a privilege and a duty to support our industry and our country in this way.’

We work with schools, disadvantaged students, apprentices and graduates to help them access our industry, both by giving our time and training and by giving them jobs and work placements.

2M Logo

A message from Mottie Kessler, Chairman and CEO of 2M Holdings about the UK’s vote to leave the EU

24 June 2016, London


Dear Customers, Suppliers and Colleagues,

While the UK has chosen to leave the European Union, we at 2M Holdings, an international group headquartered in the UK, will continue with Business as Usual.

We are running a business which provides added value to our customers and suppliers. Our business is science based, successful, sustainable, ethical and provides equal opportunities to all.

We will continue to serve all our customers and suppliers in the same way and to collaborate with our partners across the world.

Our job is to supply the building blocks and expertise required to enable everyday life and the demand for our products remains universal.

We will continue to focus on growing our business in the UK and overseas.


With kind regards,


Mottie Kessler

Chairman and CEO of 2M Holding

2M’s subsidiary, Banner, celebrates Leading Women from the Industry in its 2nd Annual Ladies Polo Day

Polo 7

L-R: Theresa Randall – Kluthe, Emma Bennett, Amy Smith, Rachel Arrowsmith, Nikki Brady, Chloe Chiocchi (Banners)

Friday 20th May saw leading women from the Chemical Industry get together at Chester Race Course for the 2nd Annual Samuel Banner Ladies Polo Day. Companies from the across the UK were represented, in what has become a very popular women’s networking event.

The event was attended by leading industry figures who met to share expertise and celebrate their achievements.

Group HR Director, Liran Maller, who also attended, said: “We are incredibly proud of the achievements of the women in the 2M Group and in the wider industry. This event is a chance to celebrate them and we look forward to this becoming an annual tradition.”

Before the match started, guests were taught the rules of Polo by the host for the day.
Once everyone was up to speed with the rules, it was time for the Semi Finals of the LDF International Polo Tournament to Commence.

Polo 24

L-R: Alex Abraitis – Chemicals Northwest, Stephanie Walker & Bev Boardman – Metalube, Nikki Brady – Banner

Polo 1

At half time Spectators were asked to go onto the pitch and partake in the traditional ritual of divot stomping (stomping down the turf that has been lifted by the ponies hooves)

Polo 4

L-R: Fakhara Jones – Surfachem & Jo Lawler – Samplerite

Polo 25

L-R: Sue Bradley – Banner, Phillipa Ayers – Scott Bader, Emma Bennett – Banner

Banner Guests then returned to their seats to enjoy an afternoon of hospitality, networking and Polo


L-R: Kelly Havey – XPO Logistics & Rachel Arrowsmith – Banner


L-R: Tracey Redding – Plater Chemicals & Phillipa Ayers – Scott Bader


L-R: Sarah Jane Taylor – Whitford Plastics , Andrea Goddard – Adshead Ratcliffe , Christine Foulkes – Whitford Plastics

The Day was a huge success with guests enjoying the Polo on what was a beautiful day.