Banner Chemicals UK Acquires Stowlin for Metals Surface Treatment

As featured in FECC Newsletter December 2014


Solutions for metals surface treatment, cleaning and phosphating

We are delighted to advise you that the shareholders of Stowlin Ltd and of Banner Chemicals Ltd UK have agreed to join forces. Banner Chemicals Ltd UK will acquire the entire share capital of Stowlin Ltd from Mr Nigel Sullivan. We are pleased that Nigel will continue to lend his support and expertise as consultant to the business. Stowlin’s customers will enjoy a seamless service as operations, sales and marketing activities will continue as usual from the Leicester based site.

The joint portfolio of Banner’s PCS (Precision Cleaning Solutions) Business Unit and Stowlin will provide customers with an enhanced and complete range of solutions for metal surface treatment, cleaning and phosphating.

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Surfachem Brasil Ltda.

Surfachem UK, a 2M Holdings Limited Company and Vitrine Quimica Ltda. Brazil announce the formation of their joint venture Surfachem Brasil Ltda., for the distribution and supply of specialty chemicals to the Personal Care, Household Care and Institutional & Industrial Care markets.

The new company will be headquartered in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo and will focus on supplying manufacturers of Household and Personal Care Products and Services throughout Brazil. Vitrine will transfer all of its activities, management and staff to the new venture and will manage all of Surfachem’s activities in Brazil.

Dr Richard Smith, Managing Director of Surfachem said: “We have been evaluating the potential of the Brazilian market over the past few years and have looked at a number of opportunities. We are very pleased to work with our new colleagues and partners from Vitrine as we both feel our values and business philosophies match and enhance one another’s.”

Surfachem sees Brazil as a logical step in its global expansion strategy to complement its existing position in the UK and Europe.

“Surfachem Brasil Ltda. provides the platform from which to develop a regional presence and to provide our customers and supply partners with exceptional service and support” states Smith, Surfachem.

Vanderlei Lima, Vitrine Quimica’s Business Director, said: “The first time we met Surfachem, we knew that it would be the right partner for us, adding know how in marketing intelligence, global sourcing knowledge and global marketing capabilities.” Vanderlei added: “We share a passion and excellence for our customers.”

“This is exactly what we need to fulfill the needs of our market. From our side, Vitrine brings deep customer relationships to this partnership and the technical skills required to support our market and its distinct requirements”, added Dr Ricardo Pedro, Vitrine Quimica’s R&D Director.

Information to Editors: Surfachem

Surfachem, a 2M Holdings Limited Company is a major distributor of surfactants and specialty chemicals to the Personal Care, Household Care and Institutional & Industrial Care markets. It also supplies APIs and Excipients to the Pharma, Veterinary, Food and Feed markets.

Surfachem was founded in 1981 and today has global sales in excess of $85m employing over 100 people in the UK, Poland, Scandinavia and China.

Surfachem has major partnerships in the UK with Shell Chemicals Europe, Evonik, Lubrizol Corporation and Stepan together with a number of other leading global specialty chemical companies.

Surfachem is focused on helping both its customers and suppliers to profit through knowledge by acting as a catalyst for success. It does this through providing expertise and knowledge about the industries and their dynamics, in which it operates.

Surfachem invests in technical support to its partners and recently opened a new research and technology laboratory within the Innovation Centre of the University of Huddersfield, UK.

Surfachem is a leading edge developer of novel solutions for its partners and is the first choice for providing solutions within its chosen markets.

Vitrine Quimica Ltda

Vitrine Quimica Ltda was founded in January 2013 and is based in Santo Andre, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Selling solutions, its owners and staff have more than 20 years of experience acquired in companies such as Oxiteno, Dow, Cognis, Johnson and Johnson, Henkel, Emery and Rohm and Haas.

Vitrine’s technical skills include the syntheses of new products at laboratory and pilot plant scale; Deep chemical formulation knowledge; The development of new technologies, services and products; Implementation and improvement of products and processes at industrial scale; Usage of time saving tools and techniques for product development (planning, analysis, and parameter design optimisation of experiments). Additionally, the development of analytical methodology and application tests for product evaluation, product characterisation, definition of specifications, and recommendation of the most suitable analytical methodology (of applicability, safety, accuracy, running time and costs.)

Our solutions focus on the following products: Biocides, Specialty polymers, Surfactants, Specialty Blends, Amazon Oils and Oleo chemicals.

2M Holdings Ltd

The group includes: Banner Chemicals; Surfachem; MP Storage & Blending; Packed Chlorine; SampleRite (UK & China).

2M Holdings Ltd was founded by Mottie Kessler, the present Chairman and CEO, in 2004 with a long term objective to grow an international chemicals distribution portfolio based on excellent companies with strong brands. It has sales of over $175m.

This includes a portfolio of 5 branded companies of chemical distribution and related chemical services of samples management, storage and blending: Banner Chemicals ( ; Surfachem ( ; MP Storage & Blending ( ; Packed Chlorine ( ; SampleRite (UK & China) ( &

2M Holdings is a wholly owned private company, headquartered in the UK and with an international presence in the UK, Ireland, Benelux, Poland, Scandinavia and China.

2M Holdings’ business focus is on automotive, precision cleaning, coating, emission reduction, AdBlue, oil-field & refineries, flavours & fragrances and surfactants for: personal- care, household & industrial hygiene cleaning and pharmaceuticals.

2M Holdings Companies produce AdBlue, SamSol Products, Packed Chlorine (cylinders and drums) and TRIKLONE & PERKLONE (Chlorinated Solvents).

Mottie Kessler: Entrepreneur Of The Year winner, EY 2014

We are delighted that Mottie Kessler, Chairman and CEO of our holding group, 2M Holdings Ltd, has been named Ernst & Young’s North Region 2014 Entrepreneur Of The Year for Manufacturing.


“We are delighted that Mottie Kessler, Chairman and CEO of our holding group, 2M Holdings Ltd, has been named Ernst & Young’s North Region 2014 Entrepreneur Of The Year for Manufacturing.”

For further details on the EY website click here.

EY wrote:

“2M Holdings are a holdings company focusing on added value chemicals distribution and related services through its leading brands portfolio companies. Mottie’s business approach is “Buy and Build”; he takes a long-term view of acquiring good companies and making them into excellent companies. Mottie’s strategy of organic growth and acquisitions includes investment in organisational development, staff and sites, as well as continuous business improvement. Exporting to more than 65 countries, with products that are all made in the UK, is something Mottie is very proud of. “

The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year programme is considered the world’s most prestigious business award and is held in more than 145 cities and in more than 60 countries worldwide. The Entrepreneur Of The Year programme is all about discovering exceptional companies and leaders that display the confidence, quality and aspiration to grow and prosper in the UK.

About 2M Holdings Ltd

International Branded Chemical Distribution and Related Services Companies

  • 2M Holdings was founded by Mottie Kessler in 2003 with a long term objective to grow a portfolio based on excellent companies with strong brands.
  • 2M Holdings Ltd ( is a leading international chemical distributor and a wholly owned private company headquartered in the UK.
  • 2M Holdings has 6 branded companies in 6 World-wide locations: UK, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Norway, China.

1. Banner Chemicals ( )

  • Hydrocarbon & Oxygenated Solvents
  • Speciality Chemicals
  • Precision Cleaning

Producer of:

  • AdBlue® – reducing emissions and improving air quality
  • * Packed Chlorine Gas (Cylinders & Drums)
  • *TRIKLONE™ & PERKLONE™ (Chlorinated Solvents ) Products
  • * previously INEOS ChlorVinyls are now made exclusively under licence by 2M)

2. Surfachem ( )

Surfactants and Product Development and Formulation for:

  • Skin Care, Body Care, Hair Care and Shampoos
  • Flavours and Fragrances
  • Deodorants
  • Colour cosmetics
  • Car Care
  • Home Care
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Excipients & Specialist Polymers
  • Oilfield
  • Industrial & Institutional

3. MP Storage & Blending (

  • Established for 30 years as “Marine-Partners” (ICI Partners)
  • Storage & blending vessels on 8 acre site
  • Nitrogen, steam facilities
  • Extensive warehousing
  • Waste transfer permit
  • Extensive laboratory facilities
  • Bespoke Blending & Toll Manufacture

4. Packed Chlorine ( )

Acquired from INEOS ChlorVinyls in 2013

  • Filling & Transport
  • Chlorine gas is liquefied
  • Filled into specialised cylinders and drums


  • Chemical synthesis / Chlorination
  • Drinking Water
  • Medicine and Safety
  • Plastics production

5. SampleRite ( UK

  • Unique sample management business
  • Sending confidential samples of hazardous and non- hazardous chemicals worldwide
  • In line with Aviation Authority regulations

6. SampleRite ( China

  • Safely send samples of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals from China
  • An approved, audited sampling facility
  • Equidistant from Beijing and Shanghai
  • Close to the port so easy to ship to the West

2M Holdings Limited Joins Omni-Chem136, LLC

In February 2014 2M Holdings Ltd., a leading chemical distributor and a wholly owned private company, joined Omni-Chem136, LLC. Omni-Chem136 is the world’s largest alliance of regional independent chemical distributors with 17 member companies, more than 135 facilities and $2.8B of combined sales alliance.

“The addition of 2M Holdings to our alliance is another significant step forward in our strategy to build a global chemical distribution alliance,” says Fred A. Buehler, Managing Director Omni-Chem136. “2M Holdings is a world class distribution company with operations that adhere to the highest standards of responsible distribution. We are delighted to have 2M Holdings as part of our alliance and are excited about the continued global expansion of Omni-Chem136”.


“Our membership in Omni-Chem136 represents an excellent opportunity for our company to grow our network of relationships throughout the global chemical distribution industry,” says Mottie Kessler, Chairman & CEO 2M Holdings. “The Omni-Chem136 alliance includes leading chemical distribution companies around the world and we are honored to be a part of such a prestigious group of companies”.

2M Holdings Ltd., is headquartered in Runcorn, UK and has six distribution facilities located in the UK, Belgium, Poland, Norway and China that distribute products into 60 countries around the world. 2M Holdings operates a unique business model of focused chemical distribution and related services through five branded companies: Banner Chemicals Ltd., Surfachem Ltd., Packed Chlorine Ltd., SampleRite Ltd and MP Storage and Blending Ltd.

2M Holdings Ltd. was ranked worldwide no. 74 in the ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors for 2013 and awarded recognition for international sales growth in 2012 by HSBC.

Banner Chemicals ( distributes a wide range of commodity and specialty chemicals including AdBlue Solutions, Aerospace approved products, oil field and petrochemical products, oxygenated solvents & intermediates, water treatment chemicals, pigment dispersion, development & formulation products, precision cleaning solutions and surface coatings.

Surfachem ( distributes a wide range of products for the personal care, homecare, industrial, institutional and pharmaceuticals industries. Products include: emulsifiers, rheology modifiers, skin-care and hair-care actives, botanicals, chelates, pharmaceutical excipients and ready formulated car-care and home-care solutions.

SampleRite ( provides sample management and marketing services supporting clients worldwide through two distribution facilities in the UK and China.

MP Storage and Blending provides confidential blending, packing and storage services.

Since 2009 the manufacture of TRIKLONE (Trichloroethylene) and PERKLONE (Perchloroethylene) has been made exclusively by 2M Holdings. In August 2013, Packed Chlorine (industrial gas) was acquired and added to 2M Holdings portfolio.

For more information on 2M Holdings visit or contact Mottie Kessler. For more information on Omni-Chem136, LLC visit or Susan Chaplin

2M Group Limited acquires the Packed Chlorine Business from Ineos Chlorvinyls

2M Group Limited has today announced the acquisition of the packed chlorine business from INEOS ChlorVinyls.

The acquisition consists of the packed chlorine assets at INEOS ChlorVinyls’ Runcorn site, Cheshire, together with the associated commercial goodwill of the business.


The business will operate under the newly created legal entity – Packed Chlorine Limited.

2M Group operates a portfolio of specialist chemical brands – Banner Chemicals and Surfachem groups and can trace their history back as far as 1860. The group also owns the specialised service companies MP Storage and Blending Limited and SampleRite Limited. 2M Group focuses on the supply of value-added chemical products and services to sectors as diverse as personal care and hygiene, coatings, oilfield, precision cleaning, refineries and automotive.

More recently the Group agreed exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights for the TRIKLONE™ (Trichloroethylene) and PERKLONE™ (Perchloroethylene) branded business of Ineos Chlorvinyls. Click here for more information

The Group has offices in Leeds and Runcorn and operates from owned sites in Leeds, Teeside and Liverpool. Additionally the Group has subsidiary operations in China, Benelux and Poland.

The packed chlorine business is a good strategic fit with the existing core businesses, and 2M Group has the necessary expertise to maximise the performance of this business.


Tel: 44 (0)1925 597 090

Fax: 44 (0)1925 597 002

2M on the Sunday Times Fast Track List

2M Holdings was placed 82nd on the inaugural Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200.

Has set up company in Qingdao, China, to organise the shipping of chemical samples.


Set up in 2004, 2M Holdings’ blends and distributes chemicals that are sold as own products or branded for other companies. Based in Cheshire and led by co-founder and chief executive Mottie Kessler, the group says it has more than 3,000 customers. Strong demand from manufacturers of soaps and cosmetics, and 2M’s oilfield and refinery clients, have helped international sales grow 47% a year from £8m in 2009 to £17.2m in 2011.

KMZ Acquisition

Banner Chemicals is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of KMZ Chemicals Ltd. Along with the assets of the company, we are pleased to welcome on board the senior management team from KMZ

KMZ are a UK distribution company based in Northampton, offering a range of products to the polymers and coatings industries. The KMZ product range is complimentary to the existing products offered by the Specialty Chemicals Division of Samuel Banner, with virtually no conflict or crossover. The customer base is the same for both companies permitting efficient use of the sales force, and the sales achieved will be significantly increased by the combination of the expertise within the two companies.

Mottie Kessler, Chairman of Banner Chemicals commented “We confidently expect that both former KMZ and existing Samuel Banner customer and suppliers will benefit from the comprehensive product portfolio and expertise provided by the joining of the two companies.”

Banner Chemicals Inaugural Golf Day


On 5th May 2011 Banner welcomed customers, suppliers and business partners to their inaugural golf day.

Guests arrived at Carden Park, Cheshire early in the morning as Mottie and his colleagues welcomed customers, suppliers and business partners to Banner Chemicals inaugural golf day.


The mornings’ play was 9 holes on the county course as a warm up for the afternoons’ main event. Windy conditions challenged our guests, however everyone arrived back at the clubhouse for lunch with a smile.

In the afternoon guests were treated to the wonderful Jack Nicklaus designed course at Carden Park. The course was beautiful and thoroughly enjoyed by all our guests, with some impressive scores being returned.

Following the afternoons’ play guests had the opportunity to brush up on their chipping and putting skills with a masterclass provided by local golf professionals.


Mottie (Chairman and CEO) welcomed guests to the evening dinner and awards cermony, thanking those who had organised the day. Mottie commented “Whilst we remember our history and the traditions that we have held for a number of years, it is always good to begin new traditions. I would like to thank you for joining us on Banner Chemicals inaugural golf day and look forward to our continued relationship going forward.”

The day proved a wonderful success with guests thoroughly enjoying the golf and hospitality provided. We all look forward to next year!

SampleRite China


2M Group Chairman, Mottie Kessler visits China to oversea the launch of SampleRite operations

On 20th February 2011 a delegation lead by Mottie visited our SampleRite’s new operations in China. As part of 2M Group’s strategy to further grow our international business the board felt that investing in an Asian base would support our ongoing activity in the region.


Similar to the UK operations SampleRite China has all the laboratory facilities, warehousing and logistics to enable us to deliver the responsive service our clients have come to expect.


The opening ceremony began at 11am, with Mottie welcoming special guest from the Government and the Chemical Industry in China as well as key members of staff from both China and the UK. Following a tour of the facilities and presentations the opening cermony featured an orchestra, and a symbollic cutting of the ribbon by our special guests.