Sustainability Journey

As we begin our sustainability journey, our aim is to create a better life today, whilst also creating a better world for tomorrow.

Increasingly, brands are aligning with companies that are making progressive strides towards being truly sustainable. We believe there are three core pillars to sustainability; people, world and growth. As a portfolio of Material and Life Science companies, the 2M Group of companies is at the forefront of the Chemical industry, supporting the entire chemical supply chain, from raw material sourcing to end consumer use.

A growing tree is our visual representation of the evolution of sustainability. We are planting a seed of to make positive changes towards a more sustainable future. When the seed grows into a tree, it shows the fruits of our labour into communicating and actioning change.

The 2M Group of Companies values are the foundations and nutrients for our sustainability seed to grow: Take Action, Trust & Respect, Equality, Innovation, Accountability, Expertise, and most importantly, Sustainability.


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Since its launch in 2016, the 2M STEM Programme has helped educate over 700 adults and 250 school pupils. Find out more…


Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic the 2M Group of Companies made hand sanitiser donations available. Initially to support key works, and later to support the reopening of sports clubs and schools. Find out more…

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Fresh fruit available across the 2M Group of Companies sites to make fresh produce available and support physical well-being.


The 2M Group of Companies supports equality and creates opportunities by championing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Find out more…


Since its launch in 2016, the 2M STEM Programme has employed;

– 22 graduates / undergraduates

– Had 2 returners to STEM full time

– Supported 4 apprenticeships in STEM subjects

4. (2020)

Work from home’ questionnaires were circulated to ensure a smooth transition to the new way of working.

5. (2020)

Hand sanitisers and face masks were sent to protect our team during the COVID-19 pandemic.

6. (2020)

During COVID-19, Surfachem, a 2M Group Company, launched a fitness challenge to help our team’s physical and mental health. Find out more…

7. (2020)

The 2M Group of Companies launched a ‘bike to work’ scheme to encourage our team members to use greener modes of transport.


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Surfachem actively aligns with sustainable partners to distribute natural ingredients– click here


Palm Oil is one of the biggest ingredient topics in sustainability. The 2M Group of Companies are proud to be RSPO certified  – click here

3. (2019)

Surfachem develop ‘For and From the Earth concept’ to educate and promote sustainable and natural ingredients – click here

4. (2020)

Surfachem’s Sustainability Webinar – features a lot of useful tips for making personal care products sustainable, and creating a strong brand message – click here

Roots (Internal)

1. (Date?)

Surplus secondary and tertiary packaging recycling initiative launched at Surfachem’s distribution centre in Elland.

2. (2016)

Motion sensor and LED lighting installed at Surfachem’s distribution centre in Elland – reducing CO2 emissions by 20.3 tonnes per year.

3. (2020)

Electric charging points installed at Surfachem’s head office to encourage the use of electric vehicles, and consequently help reduce CO2 emissions.



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The 2M Group of Companies offers an extensive portfolio of sustainable ingredients.