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2M Holdings support initiative to get more school children into Science

2M Holdings was proud to support the Catalyst museum once again, to help get more children interested in the Sciences and to increase the number of pupils choosing Science at A-level.

‘The UK currently has too few Science A-Level applicants but it’s a trend we can change if we, as an industry, help. I started my own career with a degree in Chemical Engineering and it’s an opportunity I would like to ensure more school leavers have’ said Mottie Kessler, Chairman and CEO of 2M Holdings.

Mottie built 2M Holdings into a portfolio of 6 companies with international locations ranging from Scandinavia to Brazil. He was recently recognised for his contributions to Manufacturing in the North by EY, who named him Entrepreneur of the Year.

Jim Bell, Dispersions Development Manager and Specialty Chemicals expert at Banner Chemicals, a 2M Holdings Company, spent a day with pupils from the North West of England. Engaging them in hands-on experiments, Jim captured their interest by showing how Chemistry could be used for exciting applications with every-day significance:

“I really enjoyed presenting to the groups of pupils as it reminded me of being at school myself, being interested in science and just not knowing about all the options available to me. They asked a lot of questions so it was great to spark their enthusiasm.”

In one of two experiment, pupils, wearing nitrile gloves, handled an iPhone which they had previously coated with a water-based optical brightener solution.
The ‘detectives’ could then show who had handled the box by illuminating their hands under a UV black light, demonstrating how UV light can show the presence of an invisible marker (anti-theft product).

Invisible Marker Experiment

The anti-theft invisible marker experiment

Clare Hampson, Education Manager at the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre said:

“Jim delivered a fascinating interactive session. Pupils saw science in action outside the classroom and were inspired to think about how studying science could help them in their future careers.”